Benny Shakes Things Up

Benny Shakes Holding a Microphone Performing at Comedy Gig

Benny has been shaking up views on disability throughout 2020, interviewing comedians, presenters and artists about their experiences, which began to connect with other artists in lockdown. The project has grown and grown – with comedians from across the globe appearing to tell their stories and have a good old shake down of life, coping with the pandemic and how they got into comedy. Now, in 2021, Benny has been awarded Arts Council Funding for 8 very special episodes. Interviewing 8-star guests from stage, screen and radio and supported by New Art Exchange Nottingham, these interviews will be transcribed to form a basis of research into the challenges faced by disabled people in the arts industries and the positive ways they have overcome these. This project aims to encourage early career disabled artists to watch, have a laugh, meet like-minded people and find out the ins and outs of the industry. Come along to be entertained Benny’s unshakeable personality and offbeat questions!