Bex's Chainsaw Moussaka

“Bex’s Chainsaw Moussaka” is a 50-minute stand-up show with a little bit of everything – as an expression of my stand-up persona, I like to shake it up a bit!

This show is broken into three sections of quick-fire jokes, observations and dark wordplay separated by off-the-wall characters and impressions.My own characters include Silent Film Sally (a 1920s starlet naive to modern life) and Ramesses III (“Rammo” - the Australian Pharaoh of the Dunny). The show’s eclectic and awkward topics range from the everyday to the downright weird via complete nonsense, food, pop culture, annoying people I meet and pretending I’m Su Pollard auditioning for The Godfather.

Here’s a promise, there’ll be no storytelling, deep meanings and no tearjerker 3/4 of the way through. Just lots of stuff to keep audiences entertained and guessing where it all goes now. And if you’re lucky there’ll be some meaty layers between those aubergines!