LS6 Theatre Double Bill

LS6 Theatre Double Bill Poster

90S KIDS by Laurentz Valdes-Lea and Spike Woodley

When did the Universe begin?

Thousands of years ago?


Billions of years ago?


The true answer...

January 1st, 1990.

Ozzy is adamant that the nineties were the beginning of all creation. He spends every day out and about trying to convince the public that his belief is true. The public spend every day ignoring him.

That is until a girl named Benji takes an interest in Ozzy's cause, and the two start hosting gatherings: "90s Kids Only", where a small group of believers are converted and congregate, for what starts out as harmless, nostalgic fun. However, the gang quickly spiral out of control, culminating in confusion, hysteria and the kidnapping of a beloved 90s TV presenter...

"90s Kids Only" by Laurentz Valdes-Lea and Spike Woodley is a quirky, heartfelt comedy about nostalgia, faith and brightly-coloured windbreakers.

LIFE BELOW by Dec Kelly

There’s more than coal beneath your feet, There’s a life Below.

Life below is a gritty story which explores a northern mining family over 150 years. The Gooder family have experienced a life within the mine and after a terrible incident in the Gawber Pit the family have a life within the pits that they can’t forget. When Margret Thatcher wants to shut all the mines, Rosie Gooder fights for the mines to stay open as her family’s lives’ have evolved around the pits. Jumping between 1849 to 1984 we see how the past life of the Gooder Family effected the ambition and drive in 1984.

80 mins