Man Number Five


''When did no become a turn on? No. That’s not sexy. Right?' Kate's rule is you always need five men at a time. But how will she get through to her option five? Follow her in her daily life of juggling men and pursuing love, number five is in her near reach. The truths of a single girl in London playing a game to get who she wants in life, but Kate is yet to learn sometimes you don't always win at it. Witty, emotional and honest. New female writing and comedy, supporting #MeToo.

Man Number Five is an exciting new solo show that explores themes of romance, consent, sex, comedy and women. The rise of the Me Too movement makes this piece highly relevant. It has encouraged people to share their stories but we, as a society, still have a long way to go to make people's voices heard. Man Number Five is based on the true story of single Londoner, Kate, who plays five men against each other. Her rule is that you need five men at all times. If some men can play a game, why can't she? Until, that is, she falls head over heels for Jake, Man Number Five, who makes her see life through rose-tinted glasses. This is her chance to get through to him, whilst juggling her other male options along the way, but her naivety will leave her traumatised for life.

Described by the audience at the Edinburgh Fringe 2019 as ‘Moving. Pacey. Funny. Everything you want from a one-hander. The subject matter of the #metoo movement is understandably upsetting but Bentley keeps the audience engaged (and even laughing!) throughout. Beautiful piece of new writing equally beautifully delivered. A must-see this fringe!’

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