Ten Metric Tons of Confidence

Image of 3 women of colour holding up their biceps, woman on the left with a red headscarf, middle woman with short afro and woman on right with red hijab. Text reads Together We Can Do It!, image by Innosanto Nagara

Barrister, Stand-Up Comedian and Certified Confidence Coach Lydia Pearce will be running an intensive 5 week confidence course as part of Bradford Fringe Festival. If you lack motivation, feel helpless, are hampered by negative self-talk or find your self-worth dependent on what others think of you, this is the course for you.

Over 5 weeks you will take part in structured group sessions, complete exercises and measure your progress. This course will give you the tools to feel energised now and to make permanent changes to your confidence mindset.

Spaces will be limited. The course requires dedication and for participants to complete work in their own time. This work can be completed around your existing commitments and participants are encouraged to correspond by group chat throughout the programme to help support and motivate each other.

The course is completely free.

To apply please send an email to confidencecoachuk@outlook.com setting out where you want to improve your confidence and why you want to be on the programme in less than 150 words 7 DAYS BEFORE 1st SESSION.